Made in 2018
A series of very short story pieces of an interview with somebody whose son was part of a space mission to another place ... 
1 // Another Place // 

"I think ... it was around 1:30 am when I spoke to him on the phone ... It was very cloudy that night before they left." 
2 // Another Place // 

"No ... there is no doubt that they reached their destination." 

Image GC2023_CAM02_SD03_00045.tif
3 // Another Place // 

"When they arrived ... there was just silence and silence remained."

Image GC2023_CAM01_SD03_00021.tif
4 // Another Place // 

"I think, after an hour they started to receive images."

Image GC2023_CAM01_SD02_00005.tif
5 // Another Place // 

 "Watching these images today ... you know ... that's always how I imagined stardust to look like when I was a child."

Image GC2023_CAM02_SD02_00014.tif
6 // Another Place // 

"But that's all we got. A few images from another place."

Image GC2023_CAM01_SD02_0006.tif
7 // Another Place // 

"I'm still waiting. They are still searching. There is nothing I can do."
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